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Learn how you can play an active role in your MS care and treatment from medical experts and community members. The resources below provide insights on why self-advocacy matters and treatment decision-making, key information for people newly diagnosed with MS, and tips to collaborate effectively with your neurologist and care team.

Self-Advocacy in MS Care

Self-advocacy in ms care

Neurologist Dr. Warren Berger shares his perspective on the importance of open communication and collaboration between people living with MS, their neurologists and care teams, and why self-advocacy matters.

Self-advocacy companion resource

This resource will help you share your goals and questions with your neurologist and care team and prepare to make the most of your appointments.

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Making Treatment Decisions

It’s important to play an active role in your care and treatment decisions through ongoing discussions with your neurologist and care team. This guide outlines key considerations when it comes to aligning your needs, wishes and priorities with your treatment options.

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Newly Diagnosed with MS

Learning you have MS can be an overwhelming and confusing time. MS Nurse Expert Bonnie Blain answers frequently asked questions and shares her insights into how you can start taking back control from the very beginning.

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Track your symptoms by filling out Your MS questionnaire. Show the results to your doctor during your next visit so they can make a plan that’s appropriate for you.

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